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Vol 50, No 4 (2022) Okunev Statues at Mount Uitag, Khakassia Abstract
E. S. Bogdanov
Vol 50, No 4 (2022) A Functional Analysis of Stone Tools from Bronze Age Burials in the Baraba Forest-Steppe, Based on Findings from Sopka-2 Abstract
P. V. Volkov, Y. N. Nenakhova
Vol 50, No 4 (2022) Seasonality of Sintashta Funerary Rites (Based on the Kamennyi Ambar-5 Bronze Age Cemetery) Abstract
P. A. Frikke, O. P. Bachura, I. V. Chechushkov, L. N. Koryakova, P. A. Kosintsev, A. V. Epimakhov
Vol 50, No 4 (2022) A Late Krotovo (Cherno-Ozerye) Caster’s Ritual and Memorial Complex at Tartas-1, Baraba Forest-Steppe Abstract
I. A. Durakov, L. N. Mylnikova
Vol 50, No 4 (2022) Star-Shaped Pendants from the Perm Region, Western Urals: Hunnic Polychrome Ornaments Reanimated Abstract
N. B. Krylasova, Y. A. Podosenova
Vol 50, No 4 (2022) An Oirat Sphero-Cylindrical Helmet and Arming Cap from the Central State Museum Collection of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abstract
L. А. Bobrov, Z. E. Kabuldinov, O. M. Agatay
Vol 50, No 4 (2022) Log Cabins of Ust-Voikary, a Fortiied Settlement in Northwestern Siberia: Dendrochronological Analysis Abstract
Y. N. Garkusha
Vol 50, No 4 (2022) “Salt Turn”—A Toponym in the Middle Irtysh Basin: Historical and Archaeological Evidence Abstract
A. P. Borodovsky
Vol 50, No 3 (2022) Medieval Burials at Ryabchikov Klyuch-1, the Kansk-Rybinsk Basin Abstract
A. V. Vybornov, S. G. Skobelev, E. A. Alekseeva, A. N. Bagashev, S. M. Slepchenko, I. A. Grachev
Vol 50, No 3 (2022) Chinese Coins from the Early Medieval Cemetery Gorny-10, Northern Altai Abstract
N. N. Seregin, V. V. Tishin, N. F. Stepanova
Vol 50, No 3 (2022) The State of Preservation of the Shakhty Rock Art Site and the Prospects of Its Conservation Abstract
I. V. Abolonkova, N. N. Sayfulloev, I. E. Dedov
Vol 50, No 3 (2022) On Phoinix (Φοίνιξ) and Its Distinguishing Marks: A Karian “Type Site” or a Demos to Hellenistic Kamiros? Abstract
E. D. Oğuz-Kırca
Vol 50, No 3 (2022) The Megalithic Tradition of East and Southeast Asia Abstract
A. L. Nesterkina, A. A. Portnova, A. A. Fedorova, L. Yondri
Vol 50, No 3 (2022) The Beginning of Iron Metallurgy in East Asia Abstract
S. P. Nesterov
Vol 50, No 3 (2022) Tools Used in Tagar Rock Art: Findings of an Experimental Traceological Study Abstract
L. V. Zotkina, R. V. Davydov
Vol 50, No 3 (2022) Grave Goods of an Elite Saka Burial at Kyrykoba in the Context of Cultural Ties Between the Nomads of Kazakhstan and Siberia Abstract
K. A. Iskakov, U. U. Umitkaliev, O. A. Mitko
Vol 50, No 2 (2022) Analysis and Museumization of a Wooden Burial Structure from Pazyryk Kurgan 5, the Altai Mountains: A Methodological Study Abstract
V. P. Mylnikov
Vol 50, No 2 (2022) Decorative Belts of Xianbei Period Nomads from Karban I, Northern Altai Abstract
N. N. Seregin, M. A. Demin, S. S. Matrenin
Vol 50, No 2 (2022) Occupation Layer at the Kushman Cluster of Sites (9th–13th Centuries) According to Multispectral Imaging Data Abstract
I. V. Zhurbin, A. G. Zlobina, A. S. Shaura, A. I. Bazhenova
Vol 50, No 2 (2022) Philip Johan Tabbert von Strahlenberg: An 18th Century Swedish Prisoner’s Research in Siberia Abstract
A. Y. Borisenko
Vol 50, No 2 (2022) A Bronze Age Shaft-Hole Axe from the Northwestern Baraba Forest-Steppe Abstract
A. P. Borodovsky
Vol 50, No 2 (2022) Bioarchaeology of Childhood in the Yamnaya Culture, Based on Kurgan 1 at Boldyrevo-4, the Southern Urals Abstract
N. L. Morgunova, A. A. Faizullin, O. Y. Chechyotkina, M. B. Mednikova
Vol 50, No 2 (2022) A Functional Analysis of Lithics of the Early Iron Age Yankovsky Culture: New Findings Abstract
A. N. Popov, Kanomata Yoshitaka, M. K. Rudenko, B. V. Lazin
Vol 50, No 2 (2022) Burial of the Pazyryk Elite Members at Khankarinsky Dol, Northwestern Altai Abstract
P. K. Dashkovskiy
Vol 50, No 1 (2022) A Set of Clothing Items from the Iyus Hoard Abstract
N. N. Golovchenko
Vol 50, No 1 (2022) Monumental Wooden Statues from the Ust-Voikary Fortifi ed Settlement, Northwestern Siberia: A Multidisciplinary Analysis Abstract
Y. N. Garkusha, A. N. Novikov, A. V. Baulo
Vol 50, No 1 (2022) The Aul-Koshkul-1 Cemetery in the Baraba Forest-Steppe: Findings of a Multidisciplinary Study Abstract
E. V. Balkov, Y. G. Karin, O. A. Pozdnyakova, P. G. Dyadkov, D. A. Goglev
Vol 50, No 1 (2022) A New Andronovo (Fedorovka) Cemetery in the Eastern Irtysh Basin Abstract
V. I. Molodin, A. Nagler, L. S. Kobeleva, S. Hansen, I. A. Durakov
Vol 50, No 1 (2022) Stone Tools from an Island in Berd Bay, Novosibirsk Reservoir Abstract
A. P. Borodovsky, P. V. Volkov
Vol 50, No 1 (2022) Metal Celts from the Little Sea Coast of Lake Baikal Abstract
A. G. Novikov, O. I. Goriunova
Vol 50, No 1 (2022) A Group of Large Kurgans in the Suusamyr Valley, Kyrgyzstan Abstract
K. T. Akmatov, K. S. Tabaldiev, A. Bălărie, A. Sărășan, A.-C. Ardelean
Vol 50, No 1 (2022) Female Burials with Weapons in the Early Nomadic Kurgans in the Southern Urals (Late 5th to 2nd Centuries BC) Abstract
N. A. Berseneva
Vol 50, No 1 (2022) The Chemical Analysis of Glass Samples from Roman Era Cemeteries in the Crimean Piedmont Abstract
I. N. Khrapunov, A. A. Stoyanova, T. N. Lubkova, S. B. Shabanov
Vol 49, No 4 (2021) Handles of Early Iron Age Cauldrons from Southwestern Siberia Abstract   PDF (Eng)
A. P. Borodovsky
Vol 49, No 4 (2021) The Pazyryk Style Abstract   PDF (Eng)
N. V. Polosmak
Vol 49, No 4 (2021) Burial of a Hunnic Period Noblewoman at Karakabak, Mangystau, Kazakhstan Abstract   PDF (Eng)
A. E. Astafyev, E. S. Bogdanov
Vol 49, No 4 (2021) Integrative Geophysical Studies at the Novaya Kurya-1 Cemetery in the Kulunda Steppe Abstract   PDF (Eng)
O. A. Pozdnyakova, E. V. Balkov, P. G. Dyadkov, Z. V. Marchenko, A. E. Grishin, N. D. Evmenov
Vol 49, No 4 (2021) Reconstructed Paleodiets and Subsistence Strategies of the Central Ciscaucasian Population (1000 BC to 1000 AD), Based on Collagen Isotope Analysis of Bone Samples from the Kichmalka II Burial Ground Abstract   PDF (Eng)
A. N. Babenko, M. V. Dobrovolskaya, E. E. Vasilyeva, D. S. Korobov
Vol 49, No 4 (2021) Archaeological Evidence of Migration from the Southern Taiga of Western Siberia to the Urals in the Early Middle Ages: The Vodennikovo-1 Cemetery Abstract   PDF (Eng)
N. P. Matveeva, E. A. Tretyakov, A. S. Zelenkov
Vol 49, No 4 (2021) Hephthalite Coin from an Early Medieval Burial at Gorny-10, Northern Altai Abstract   PDF (Eng)
N. N. Seregin, V. V. Tishin, N. F. Stepanova
Vol 49, No 3 (2021) A Monumental Horse Burial in the Armenian Highlands Abstract   PDF (Eng)
A. Nachmias, G. Bar-Oz, D. Nadel, I. Petrosyan, B. Gasparyan
Vol 49, No 3 (2021) Scarab Amulet-Beads from 1st–2nd Century Children’s Burials at a Necropolis on the Iluraton Plateau, Eastern Crimea Abstract   PDF (Eng)
M. O. Tarasenko, Z. V. Khanutina
Vol 49, No 3 (2021) Traces of the Dahaean and Sarmatian Cultural Legacy in Ancient Turan and Old Rus Abstract   PDF (Eng)
R. H. Suleimanov
Vol 49, No 3 (2021) A Mortuary Complex with Animal Skulls at Khankarinsky Dol, a Scythian Age Cemetery in the Northwestern Altai Abstract   PDF (Eng)
P. K. Dashkovskiy
Vol 49, No 2 (2021) An Early Bronze Age Hoard of Bronze Tools from Dvin, Central Armenia Abstract   PDF (Eng)
B. Gasparyan, S. N. Korenevskiy
Vol 49, No 2 (2021) Vengerovo-2—a Krotovo Culture Site in the Baraba Forest-Steppe: An Archaeozoological Study Abstract   PDF (Eng)
N. Benecke, S. K. Vasiliev, V. I. Molodin, L. N. Mylnikova, M. S. Nesterova, S. Reinhold
Vol 49, No 2 (2021) The Emergence and Formation of a Proto-Urban Civilization in Azerbaijan: Certain Issues in the Transition to Class Society Abstract   PDF (Eng)
H. F. Jafarov
Vol 49, No 2 (2021) Pottery from the Barsov Gorodok III/6 Early Iron Age Fortified Settlement in the Surgut Stretch of the Ob: A Technological Analysis Abstract   PDF (Eng)
D. V. Selin, Y. P. Chemyakin, L. N. Mylnikova
Vol 49, No 2 (2021) The Study of Non-Ferrous Metal Artifacts of the Early Iron Age and Medieval Cultures in the Western Amur Basin Abstract   PDF (Eng)
S. P. Nesterov, Y. P. Kolmogorov
Vol 49, No 2 (2021) Changes in Wooden Defensive Structures at Fort Umrevinsky (Based on Archaeological and Written Sources) Abstract   PDF (Eng)
A. P. Borodovsky
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